Water 101 at South Louisville Community Center

Campers at the South Louisville Community Center soaked up all kinds of knowledge during three special Louisville Water presentations.  About two dozen kids between the ages of five and 14 attended the month-long camp sponsored by the Louisville Metro Office of Youth Development.

Louisville Water Education & Outreach Coordinator Barbara Crow taught the children about the importance of drinking water and not just on hot days. Water is like fuel for the body. It helps keep us in tip top shape. A brand-new Pure Tap® bottle for the kids makes it easy to fill, drink, and repeat!

Practicing good dental care was another lesson. You may be asking what does that have to do with Pure Tap? Well, clean water is essential for brushing your teeth. Fluoride in the water is a great way to combat cavities and strengthen teeth. It goes without saying that drinking more water and less sugary drinks will help keep that healthy smile. The kids will definitely be smiling with the new toothbrush they took home from the camp!

Using wax paper, newspaper, pennies, and droppers, students also discovered the unique properties of water. Hands-on experiments demonstrated that water magnifies, stretches, and takes on the shape of whatever you put it in.

Campers attending all three programs were also eligible for some special Louisville Water swag. Health, science, and fun all rolled into one!