Water Professionals Conference

Water quality, treatment processes, changing technology and infrastructure, branding strategies, and yes – a taste test was on tap! Water content was overflowing inside the halls of Central Bank Center in Lexington.

More than 1,500 people attended the 2022 Kentucky/Tennessee Water Professionals Conference last week. It was a great opportunity for water professionals to network, expand their knowledge on an extensive list of topics, and engage in exhibits with innovative ideas and equipment that are changing how we use and connect with water.

Louisville Water was honored to present several discussions throughout the conference, including conversations focused on water quality management, water treatment for nitrification control, implementing AMI, changes for water sampling under the Lead & Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR), and strategies for consistent branding.

Congratulations are in order for Scott Clark, AMI Analyst II and the Secretary/Treasurer for the American Water Works Association’s KY/TN Section. Clark received the Kenneth J. Miller Founders’ Award for his volunteer and fundraising efforts for Water For People.

“I believe everyone should have access to reliable water and sanitation services and this embodies the mission of Water For People. We take for granted the services we have here in the states, but so many have limited or no access to these basic life needs. The funds we raise are so important to bring sustainable services to villages, towns and cities to those in need,” Clark said.

A proud moment for Manager of Finance, Andrew Winslow, who graduated the Water Leadership Academy. Congratulations!

We want to give a shoutout to immediate past president of AWWA, Chi Ho Sham, who sported his ‘Drink Like a Local’ t-shirt to the conference. Cheers to that!

We want to thank and congratulate everyone who represented Louisville Water with a technical presentation or committee involvement.

  • Pete Goodmann, Director of Water Quality & Research
  • Chris Bobay, Manager of Water Quality & Compliance
  • Vince Monks, Manager of Distribution Water Quality
  • Casey Doyle, Supervisor of Distribution Water Quality
  • Eric Zhu, Manager of Water Research & Development
  • Scott Smith, Manager of Plant Operations
  • Bart Potts, Senior Technical Engineer
  • Tim Joice, Distribution Water Quality Specialist II
  • Scott Clark, AMI Analyst II
  • Emily Fritz, Scientist
  • Erika Brown, Manager of Communications & Marketing
  • Kayla Hinrichs, Pure Tap® Public Relations Specialist
  • Kelley Dearing Smith, Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Communications
  • Megan Talley, Manager of Metering Field Operations
  • Rengao Song, Former Director of Water Quality & Research