Water Quality Experts Ensure Safety of Louisville’s Drinking Water

Having the best-tasting water in the country isn’t an accident. It’s a result of the expertise and dedication of countless employees of Louisville Water. One of them is Roger Tucker, Scientist II, who has worked in the company’s EPA-certified laboratory for 18 years. Roger is considered a national expert in microbiology and algae and trains other water quality professionals in detection, prevention and treatment of harmful algae blooms.

Roger is one of the men and women in Water Quality who conduct rigorous testing of water throughout the supply and distribution process to make sure it is safe and enjoyable for all of the 850,000 people who use it. They keep Louisville Water in compliance with the constantly updated regulations set by the EPA and meet the high-quality taste and odor standards we set for ourselves.

The scientists do this each and every day (yes, even holidays and weekends). They collect samples from affected areas, test them, handle the lifting of Boil Water Advisories, and are constantly monitor and correct for issues and potential issues, such as the emergence of harmful toxic algae blooms (HABs) upriver from our intake valves.  There are no water quality or safety issues with your finished drinking water. We pull our supply of water from the Ohio River, 30 feet below the surface. At this depth, the lack of light prevents algae formation.

Louisville Water goes above and beyond what is required for health standards. Roger and his fellow biologists will continue to vigilantly monitor our water supply for the presence of HAB. If the situation changes and harmful elements are detected, Water Quality is prepared to treat and handle accordingly. Health and safety of our community is always our top concern.

While we are the experts on the quality of drinking water, we cannot offer guidance for swimming/boating/recreational activity.  For that information, please seek guidance from the Kentucky Division of Water or the Ohio River Valley Water and Sanitation Commission