Water, Water, Everywhere!

It’s not easy delivering water to more than a million people every day! Young visitors at the Kentucky Science Center discovered just how tough it can be using colorful, plastic, toy pipes. Mini-pipelines were filled with water and tested for leaks. Louisville Water sponsored the slightly soggy but fun activity.

The goal: move water from a pumping station to a customer home. Photos of Louisville Water’s Zorn Avenue Pumping Station and a home created the pipeline route. An aspiring, 7-year-old engineer declared, “Hey, water keeps coming out of that hole!”

While the kids created, adult visitors learned how to track down costly home leaks. Tapper stickers, leak brochures, and shutoff tags were given away. Visitors could also do a little taste testing. All visitors can enjoy Louisville Pure Tap® courtesy of branded water fountains located throughout the Science Center.