WaterStep Board welcomes Louisville Water’s Shannon Tivitt

For the past year, Shannon Tivitt has worked as the project liaison director for One Water, a partnership between Louisville Water and Louisville MSD. Launched in 2014, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer envisioned a collaborative approach to identifying strategic customer service, operations, and money saving efficiencies.

Tivitt now adds another title to her résumé: board member for WaterStep, a philanthropy that provides safe water solutions to areas impacted by disaster. Louisville Water Foundation’s work with WaterStep covers a wide range of activities from a shoe drive supporting water sanitation devices to areas in the Bahamas affected by Hurricane Dorian.

Tivitt has served on several boards in the community before but said she’s especially thrilled about this opportunity.

“It’s an honor to represent Louisville Water on the WaterStep board. It’s humbling and exciting to be a part of their work,” she said.

The organization’s efforts also focus on well repair and hygiene education. During COVID-19, WaterStep provided patented BleachMakers to Louisville homeless shelters.

“Water Step has shown time after time how their programs and products can make a true difference. I look forward to giving insight to help address water issues at every level in our community.”