‘BleachMaker’ Helps Homeless Fight COVID-19

A new disinfecting machine aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19 is being used at homeless shelters in Louisville.

WaterStep’s BleachMaker is a handheld device that uses water and table salt to make a gallon of concentrated bleach in about an hour.

“Bleach is extremely effective against viruses and bacteria,” said Dr. Bill Smock, WaterStep Medical Advisor. “The Coronavirus can live on some surfaces for 14 days.

Cleaning all surfaces, especially in hospitals, clinics and public areas, and avoiding potential respiratory hazards, are best practices to avoid contamination for any virus.”

This week, Wayside Christian Mission, The Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul, and The St. John Center for Homeless Men received a BleachMaker and staff were trained on how to use it.

The machine, funded by the Louisville Water Foundation, UPS and GE, meets World Health Organization standards.

For more information visit waterstep.org.