WaterWorks Museum goes virtual

Louisville Water’s education program is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by transitioning education programs to a digital format. This new approach is one of many ways we are responding to the community’s ‘new normal.’

Our educators miss seeing everyone in person, but understand it’s not possible right now. Because of this we’ve been doing a lot to keep water education at the top of our outreach efforts. Since educators can’t visit classrooms, and students and teachers can’t come to Louisville Water Tower Park, we created WaterWorks Museum Virtual(link is external)to bring our water knowledge to those at home.

This new online education series is called Louisville Water Works, and each week we will post a video on a different topic that includes a corresponding at-home challenge and activities related to the topic of the week. Topics include lessons about tornadoes, hand washing, and water tower building.

For example, in our hand washing lesson, we included a viral video Louisville Water created to help families stay healthy called “Hand Washin’ Germ Stoppin’”(link is external) and it features our lovable mascot, Tapper. The at-home challenge included an activity that shows how easy germs can spread with materials that can be found at home. Other activities included a writing prompt and drawing idea related to germs. Hand washing with soap and water is one of the most important things people can do to stop the spread of germs, and it’s a great way to connect water to education content.

We also offer teachers great curriculum ideas through our online education lessons. We offer students real-world educational experiences, using water as a teaching tool for science, social studies, literacy, and more.

Last year Louisville Water shared the story of our drinking water with over 50,000 people. This included more than 100 schools through real world education in the classroom, and thousands of students at our WaterWorks Museum.

We look forward to seeing you again soon, but until then, stay safe and keep learning!