Where is Your Water Shut-Off Valve?

Do you know how to locate and tag your main water shutoff valve? Our easy-to-follow video shows you! Your water shutoff valve controls the water coming into your home, allowing you to turn it off in the event of a leak or water line break. Leaks and breaks happen more frequently in colder temperatures. Knowing where your water shutoff valve is could mean the difference between major flooding damage and minor water saturation. During extreme cold weather, we receive hundreds of calls from customers after their private water lines had burst. Be proactive, find your water shutoff valve now to try to minimize damage in case a water line bursts inside your home or business.

Your water shutoff valve is typically located in the lower level of your home or business, close to where the water line enters your the structure as a connection point. Our video walks you through how to locate your shutoff valve. Once you find it, be sure to tag it so you can easily locate it when needed. Waterproof yellow tags are available in the lobbies of our Third Street and Shepherdsville locations. You can also create your own tag, but avoid using paper, as that can tear apart if it gets wet.

After tagging your water shutoff valve, test it to ensure you can turn the valve on and off. We suggest testing the valve on a yearly basis.