How To Apply For A Grant

Louisville Water Foundation accepts grant applications year-round from organizations and individuals with projects that address a water-related need.

Please review the material below to see if your project or organization qualifies.

Examples of projects/activities supported:

  • Potable water solutions in water-poor communities
  • Water assistance programs serving individuals and/or communities
  • Water awareness or education campaign
  • Water stewardship education
  • Surface or groundwater protection education
  • Watershed cleanup

Activities that do not qualify:

  • Lobbying (attempting to influence local, state, or national legislation)
  • Interest payments
  • Personal articles

Selection Criteria:

  • Clarity of project goals, objectives, and potential impact on the community
  • Strength of project design and team
  • Innovative approach with real-world application
  • Sustainability of project post-grant
  • Evidence of community engagement
  • Plan for assessing impact of project and the capacity to measure its outcome
  • Reasonable and efficient budget

If you are ready to get started, please email Mary Stone.

The Foundation Board meets regularly to approve any recommended awards. The next deadline for applications and all supplemental documents is December 15.

Applications received after the above deadline will be held until the next meeting.

Fund for the Arts is proud to be a part of the grant program “Water Tower- Form & Function” in partnership with Louisville Visual Art, Louisville Water Company, and Louisville Water Foundation. Hands-on collaborative workshops such as “Water Tower- Form & Function” give students a unique opportunity to develop coveted 21st century skills for their future.”

Abby Shue, Vice President of Development, Louisville Fund for the Arts