Meter Upgrade Project

As part of our ongoing mission to provide the highest quality water and service, Louisville Water will upgrade water metering equipment at no cost to customers.

Current water metering equipment works like a car odometer and our employees manually read the meters each billing cycle. Once installed, the new meters will automatically collect water usage data.

Benefits of new meters

The new meters will:

  • Collect hourly water use readings and automatically send information to Louisville Water.
  • Provide more accurate data. Meters can “slow down” as they age.
  • Create a safer work environment for our crews. Since the meter data will be collected through this new technology, our employees will not need to walk through neighborhoods to manually collect water readings.

A three-year project

Grid One Solutions will install 280,000 meters and metering equipment over a three-year period. Beginning July 2020, they will install up to 1,000 units each week through 2023.

What to expect

Grid One Solutions, our contractor, will install most of the new metering equipment. Their vehicles will have an orange and black Grid One Solutions logo and Louisville Water contractor signs. All workers will have identification badges.

If you are scheduled to receive new metering equipment, you will receive a postcard before installation to let you know we’re coming. The metering equipment installer will knock on the door when they arrive and leave a note when the job is finished. Water will be turned off for a short period, usually less than 30 minutes, and most customers won’t even know we were there.

Sometimes this work will create air in the water line. To clear the air, let the cold water run for a few seconds in the bathtub or shower.

What’s my status? 

Enter your account number (no spaces) to determine your meter upgrade status.

Questions or Concerns? Please contact:
Grid One Solutions – (855) 556-7317

NOTICE: Opening the meter vault is strictly prohibited. Please contact (502) 583-6610 or toll free at (888) 535-6262 if you have any water service questions so that trained service personnel can respond. After hours, please call (502) 583-6610 and stay on the line.