A Lesson for All Ages

Clean Hands Up! program - schoolroomDeveloped by Louisville Water’s Education & Outreach team, the Clean Hands Up! program provides tips on the most effective ways to wash your hands and avoid germs.

Louisville Water shares the lesson with people of all ages throughout our service area. For instance, the team recently showed students at Chapel Hill Preschool how to make sure their hands are truly clean. Earlier this year, the program was offered to customers at the other end of the age spectrum at a senior center in Shepherdsville.

“You’re never too old for a refresher course,” said Louisville Water Community Relations Specialist Barbara Crow.

Cleans Hands Up! program old folks homeShe added that the Shepherdsville seniors “meet two to three times a week to socialize and learn something new, and they plan to pass along the handwashing tips to their grandchildren. We also chatted about hydration, locating your water shutoff valve, and checking for leaks.”