Annual Report Spotlights a Stellar Year

2023 annual reportLast year was “a year full of outstanding achievements,” says President & CEO Spencer Bruce in Louisville Water’s latest annual report. “We navigated through a lofty list of goals to finish the year with a stellar financial performance and a record investment in our infrastructure. In fact, water sales were at their highest level since 2015. We successfully negotiated a five-year contract between the Company and Local 1683, and we marked one of our safest years on record.”

These are just a few examples of the many highlights in the report, which includes detailed financial information, an overview of operations, and information on recent awards.

The report also details the company’s achievements in water quality, customer and stakeholder outreach, infrastructure investment, and business transformation.

“It seems every year, we set the bar a little higher,” Bruce notes in the report. “We are constantly improving and innovating with the same steadfast commitment to delivering high-quality water and service. I am proud to highlight our achievements.”