Art helps promote positive message in the community

The colorful mural that shielded the exterior base of Louisville Water’s corporate office for the past two months was removed Monday.

Company leaders said the shield protected the downtown office during a time of civil unrest while promoting unity in the community.

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As part of a community-wide effort to move forward, Louisville Water is participating in the Tearing Down Walls Together program, a showcase featuring local artists sponsored by the Global Economic Diversity Development Initiative (GEDDI).

Louisville artist Tone Vallejo was commissioned to paint a remaining panel of plywood near the front entrance of Louisville Water’s corporate office.

Once complete, her artwork will be auctioned off to support the initiative.

“I’m painting to send a positive message. I’m using lots of flowers, lots of color, and lots of texture in this painting,” Vallejo said.

All the art featured in the Tearing Down Walls Together project will be up for bid in an online auction from Oct. 25 through Oct. 29.