Women of Local 1683 Honored at Retirement Celebration

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we want to highlight two of Louisville Water’s most recent retirees.

Holly Garcia Reichert and Jayne Clark, both members of Local 1683, retired from Louisville Water on February 28, 2020.

Both women worked in Field Customer Service at the Allmond Distribution Center.

Reichert (pictured right) started working for Louisville Water in the fall of 1996. At a retirement celebration given in honor of the two, she said she’ll truly miss her coworkers.

Clark (pictured left) began her time at Louisville Water in the spring of 1998. She was part of the original women’s tapping team during the American Water Works Association competition to test the skill and agility of tapping a water main.

To show appreciation for their hard work and dedication at Allmond, the women were given unique lamps handmade by a coworker. The lamps were repurposed from old water meters, each displaying Reichert and Clark’s employee numbers.

Congratulations, Holly and Jayne! Thank you for nearly 25 years of service to Louisville Water.