‘Clean Hands Up’ at Field Elementary

Students at Field Elementary got a fun and interactive lesson on hygiene during National Handwashing Week.

They participated in Clean Hands Up, an activity that teaches kids the right way to wash their hands and how to prevent spreading germs.

Louisville Water educator Barbara Crow used glow-in-the-dark lotion to mimic germs and how easily bacteria spread from one person to another.

Once the students rubbed the lotion on their hands, they were told to wash them to get rid of all the “germs.”

Crow used a counting game to show the importance of cleaning in between fingers, the backs of hands, and under fingernails.

Under a special black light, traces of the “germs” seen on the students’ hands let them know if they did a good job or if they needed to wash a little longer next time.

The students learned that how long they wash their hands is just as important as how often they wash their hands.

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