Crescent Hill labs get a major makeover

A makeover at the Crescent Hill Water Treatment Plant includes more than just new paint, furniture and fixtures. The labs also got an updated electrical system, improved storage areas, and some significant new pieces of equipment, such as new fume hoods (ventilation devices designed to limit exposure to fumes and vapors), a new reverse osmosis system (a water purification technology) and a new TOC analyzer (which measures total organic carbon in water samples).

The Metals Lab at Crescent Hill was updated last year, but the Wet Chemistry Lab and the Organics Lab hadn’t had major makeovers since they first opened in the early 1980s. A ribbon cutting in January celebrated their recent renovation.

“We were given the opportunity to design it ourselves,” said scientist Mark Campbell. “The layout was designed around the work we do now, but with consideration of the need for flexibility to accommodate future changes. We wanted to update the aesthetics of our laboratories, but more importantly our goal was to improve the function and underlying mechanical aspects.”

The new labs will help everyone “work more efficiently,” said scientist Emily Fritz. She also pointed out that there are improved areas for plant operators to do lab work, and some of the new equipment will help Louisville Water more efficiently meet state and federal water quality regulations.

Fritz noted that special acknowledgment goes to Vice President Tim Kraus for paving the way for the project and to Campbell for coordinating all the work — from demolition to the finished product.