Customers welcome change with Louisville Water’s new digital tools

New customer portal usage increased by 150% in 6 months

While Louisville Water is known for its award-winning tap water, the company heard from its customers that it needs to do more in the way of modernizing the digital experience. In February 2022, Louisville Water launched Pure Connect℠ – a new digital portal where customers can view and pay their bill. In addition, Pure Connect enables most customers to view their water usage in real-time and sign up for alerts in case of unusual activity, such as a leak. In just six months, over 100,000 customers have registered with Pure Connect, far exceeding the 20,000 customers who used the old system.

“Following the pandemic, many in our community have become comfortable living online and we needed to level up our digital options for those who prefer that style for doing business,” said Erika Brown, Louisville Water Communications and Marketing Manager. “By offering improved tools such as easy to pay options, leak alerts, and customized payments plans -we are meeting our customers where they’ve told us they want to be.”

While Pure Connect launched earlier this year, it’s part of a larger digital transformation moment in the company’s history. In July 2020, Louisville Water launched a meter upgrade project to address aging infrastructure and set the stage for new digital options. To date, the company has completed more than 102,000 meter upgrades and has a goal of implementing 1,000 units each week through 2023. This is the basis for the technology that will give customers real-time data on their water usage and enable the move toward monthly billing.

In addition, Louisville Water is in the midst of building a new, more modern website to help customers better navigate through content. The site will include a self-service “Help Hub” where customers can resolve their questions with just a few clicks. “People are busy and they want an easy-to-use website that helps them quickly tackle their ‘to do’ list,” said Brown. “We are working hard to ensure that customers enjoy the improvements we’ve made when they’re doing business with us.” The new website is expected to launch in November 2022.