Does rain affect water treatment?

Louisville Water Scientist Roger Tucker explains the impact of rain on the production of Louisville Pure Tap®:

Heavy rains cause an increase in turbidity in the Ohio River. Turbidity is the cloudiness or haziness of a liquid. When it rains, erosion and run-off cause particulates from the surrounding area to be washed into the Ohio.

Dirt and debris that has settled to the bottom of the river may also be churned up during particularly heavy storms. If you notice the Ohio River looking brown or cloudy after a heavy rain, you are witnessing increased turbidity.

So cloudy water must be harder to treat, right? Surprisingly not!

When the river appears clearer (low turbidity), the particles are smaller and more difficult to remove. Also, clear water allows for other biological processes, such as algae blooms, to arise. These natural occurrences can affect water quality if not monitored closely. So rain can actually be a good thing for the water treatment process.

But rain or shine, the scientists at Louisville Water are constantly working to make sure the water that reaches your faucet is always great-tasting Pure Tap.