Louisville Water employees to return to office, company offers tips for other businesses

Louisville Water Company is planning for its remote workers to return to the office on July 19. While many employees have remained in the office and worked in the field throughout the pandemic due to the company’s essential function, roughly half of the workforce transitioned to a full-time remote schedule. Now, as the city begins to reopen, Louisville Water will also move toward a new normal.

“Throughout this pandemic, our business community needed to adapt more than ever before,” said Spencer Bruce, President & CEO of Louisville Water. “Like other companies in the city, we had to adjust how we worked to ensure our employees were safe and could continue to provide high-quality water to our customers. While this was certainly a challenge, we learned a lot and plan to grow from lessons learned.”

As businesses around the city follow a similar path, there are safety checks that their facility managers must do before that happens. Louisville Water has tips for companies that are also planning to return to pre-pandemic operations.

“If your building has not been operating at capacity, it’s possible that the water sitting in the pipes is stagnant and may present aesthetic or health concerns,” said Peter Goodmann, Director of Water Quality at Louisville Water. “Those pipes need to be flushed so that high-quality water can be brought in.”

Flushing the water lines helps maintain the great water quality that Louisville Water delivers. After the water flows through the water meter and into the pipes, building owners are responsible for maintaining water quality. The water lines inside buildings that have had limited use should be flushed to get rid of any “old water” in the pipes.

Read more on how to flush the water lines and watch a video that illustrates the steps at www.louisvillewater.com/flushing.