Employee Profile: CFO Lynn Pearson

What do you do at Louisville Water?

As Chief Financial Officer (CFO), I’m responsible for all of Louisville Water’s financial functions. This includes procurement, payroll processing and accounts payable, general and project accounting, investment and debt management, budgeting, financial analysis, and water rates.

How long have you been with the Louisville Water, and where did you work before?

I have been with the company since August 2015 — going on five years. Before joining Louisville Water, I was CFO for a large, privately owned media company in Birmingham, Alabama. I also worked in banking and public accounting earlier in my career.

What do you like best about your job now?

I like that I learn something new almost every day. The water industry is the fourth industry I have worked in during my career, and each has been very different. It’s been both interesting and challenging to learn the ins and out of the water industry and Louisville Water itself. I also really enjoy working with everyone on the Finance team and throughout the company. We have a great group of employees!

What is unique or something others might not know about your job?

I am sure a lot of people think that finance is just about numbers, spreadsheets, financial statements, reports, etc., but I actually spend more of my time on responsibilities that don’t involve working directly with these things. Still, I will admit that financial accounting and spreadsheets are two of my favorite things to work on.

Other responsibilities include serving on the Strategy Innovation Team, which works to develop new products and services that will result in new revenue streams for the company, and serving on the Executive Steering Committee for the Work and Asset Management (WAM) implementation

In 2019, I spent a great deal of time working on the design and development of our new Small Business Equity Program. We’ll implement this in 2020, and I’ll continue being closely involved with the project. I also spent a lot of time — along with others on the Executive Leadership Team — reviewing and updating all company policies. I was directly responsible for Finance-area policies, of course, but we all also reviewed and provided feedback on all the other policies.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love gardening and landscaping. I just moved and am really looking forward to some projects I have planned for the spring. I also enjoy traveling, though I haven’t done as much of that recently as I would like.