Employee Profile: Channa Newman

employee profile Channa Newman

Worked at Louisville Water since 2007

What began as a contract job at Louisville Water has now turned into a very fulfilling career spanning nearly two decades for Manager of Education and Outreach Channa Newman.

“I started out as a contract educator back in 2007 and became an employee in 2009,” she said.

Newman manages Education and Outreach for Louisville Water. This includes programming in the community, and at facilities like the Louisville Water Tower and the Crescent Hill Gatehouse and Reservoir.

“My job is to lead the team in telling the story of tap water, in a variety of settings, to water users of all ages. We do this through classroom programs, community education partnerships, Louisville Pure Tap® events and products,” she said. “It’s great to see everyone from young children in a pre-school classroom to older adults at a church event making a connection to water.”

Creating streams to water education is her favorite part of the job.

“I want everyone who uses our water to understand that it doesn’t magically appear in the faucet. I love talking and educating about the people and processes it takes to make high quality drinking water,” Newman said.

Channa Newman at water tower

For someone looking for a career in water education, she shared the following advice:

“Be inquisitive, talk to people you work with, learn as much as you can about your job and the jobs of those around you. Everyone is an educator, but to do it well you should be a continuous learner, too.”

When she’s not reading Tapper’s Big Adventure: Where’s the Water, she enjoys discovering new recipes and traveling.

“I love cooking (using Pure Tap of course), long walks and hikes, and taking weekend trips that include an opportunity to learn about the history of the area I visit,” Newman said.