Employee profile: Kim Cox takes on new challenges

Kimberly Cox earned an MBA and a national award while she worked as a Billing Manager for Louisville Water. Now she’s applying her managerial skills and experience to a new position at the company.

She joined Louisville Water in 2013 and graduated from Bellarmine University’s Executive MBA program in 2018.

“I received my undergraduate degree in the early 90s,” she said, “and entering into a graduate program many years later, I will admit, was challenging. However, I found myself leading and making major project decisions for my cohorts. The rewards definitely out-weighed the challenges.”

In 2019, she received the National Small Business Institute’s Graduate Project of the Year Award for “Louisville Water Company Metering Project,” which focused on Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

The recent deployment of AMI for many customers resulted in some challenges in the Billing Department, including “converting customers from bi-monthly billing to AMI-monthly billing,” she said. “Many details go into the process and it’s exciting to know Billing has a hand in one of many changes due to AMI.”

In her new position as Manager of Business Operations, she said her director “has numerous projects for me to take on. I will oversee all collections and remittance activities to include workflow efficiencies, automation of reports, and discover other avenues to contact customers in a collections status.”

Cox pointed out that she has always been interested in this type of position. “I have a banking background, similar to remittance activities,” she explained. “I also have an accounting background that included handling aged receivables and delinquent accounts.”

In general, she said she likes developing her career at Louisville Water because it’s “a fun place to work. There’s always a project in the works, and I enjoy being a part of a collaboration. I have also formed many great working relationships in the organization. There are many talented individuals at Louisville Water who have added to my knowledge and understanding of the utility industry.”