Help your neighbor with a random act of kindness

drops of kindness iconIt’s Random Acts of Kindness Day. Want to get involved? Consider donating to Drops of Kindness℠ to help make sure your neighbors can keep their water flowing — water for drinking and cleaning and all the other daily necessities.

Drops of Kindness is a program that helps Louisville Water families and individual customers meet financial challenges by offering a range of assistance options, from interest-free payment plans to help from community agencies.

To support the program, visit the Drops of Kindness page and scroll down to the Neighbor Helping Neighbor section, which offers a quick and easy way to make a tax-deductible contribution.

Louisville Water customers who pay their bills online also can donate to Drops of Kindness. (A donation box appears as you go through the payment process.) Nearly 7,000 customers contributed to the program this way last year.

Later this year, customers who pay by check also will be able to make a donation when they pay their water bill. Every drop, every contribution — no matter the size — will help someone in need.

In 2021, Drops of Kindness provided more than $9 million in assistance. Nearly 25,000 customers received help. More than 18,000 were able to create a customized payment plan to help them through financial difficulties that, in most cases, were the result of pandemic-related economic challenges.