Employee Profile: Trisha Griffin

How long have you worked for Louisville Water, and what did you do before? 

I have worked for Louisville Water for 5 years now. I started in June 2014 as a temp and was hired full-time in November of the same year. Before I came to Louisville Water, I worked at LG&E as a customer service representative.

What do you do as a Louisville Water metering services specialist?

I do a multitude of things, but my main priority is I am responsible for doing the meter readers’ schedules each day. I determine what routes need to go out to be read, and I load and unload their handheld devices. I interact a lot with the meter readers and their supervisor, Joey Sivado, to make sure the work gets done. I also assist the Call Center by processing their miscellaneous adjustments.

How has your job changed as Louisville Water copes with the coronavirus crisis? 

I went from being able to work and successfully do my schedule in the office to working from home. I have a laptop, which allows me to do the schedule and process adjustments; however, I do not have a scanner or printer, so I’m having to adjust to that.

Also, the meter readers have been instructed to refrain from visiting the work planning office, so on a day-to-day basis, I now have to go down to the garage and get the meter readers’ handhelds. I use gloves and wipe them down with Clorox wipes each day. Then I put them in a wagon and bring them upstairs to unload them on the docking station. It’s a task, but it helps me get my exercise by going up and down the steps.

Would you like to tell me about your family or hobbies or other things you do when you’re not working for Louisville Water? 

I have a son who is 13 years old and in the eighth grade. I am in school full-time for Human Resources and Leadership and will be finished with my bachelor’s degree in December this year.

How has the coronavirus changed your home life?

Before the coronavirus, we had a pretty consistent schedule, which included us both working out at a gym Mondays through Thursdays. Now that the gym is closed and we are out of school, we both are bored — so while we kind of have a break, boredom has struck at home.