Q&A with Tapper: From Tap to Cup and Beyond

April 2, 2020

You may keep hearing Tapper’s catchy jingle that reminds people about the importance of washing their hands, but what may not be so clear is –who is the real Tapper? We interviewed Louisville Water’s Tapper to get a deeper insight into the life of this beloved and busy character.

Q: What is your job at Louisville Water?

A: As Louisville Water’s mascot, I participate in community events and I pump up the energy with fun activities. My goal is to encourage people to ‘get back to the tap’ and stop using bottled water. I want everyone to drink tap water and to refill their reusable bottle often. I love my job!

Q: How long have you been at Louisville Water?

A: We branded our tap water with the name Louisville pure tap® in 1997, but I was born a bit later in 2000. I’ve changed my look over the years (haven’t we all?), but I am still full of delicious Louisville pure tap®.

Q: What do you like best about your job?

A: I love meeting Louisville Water customers, especially the kids! I am proud to represent our award-winning water. I was just at WDRB’s annual Mascot Bowl and right now, I’m thrilled to help my team share the ‘Hand Washin’ Germ Stoppin’ message. It’s such an important thing to do and it only takes 20 seconds!

Q: What is unique or something others might now know about your job?

A: I get to hear all the great things that our customers say about our water. I wish I could tell them it’s because we have the most dedicated employees on the planet, but since I can’t speak, I give lots of hi-fives and hugs.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: Holding water, dancing, sports, and sharing our awesome tap water.

Q: And just for fun…

Strengths: Always hydrated

Weaknesses: When temperature reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit, I begin to boil!

What do you do to train: Water aerobics

What position do you play in the Mascot Bowl: Multi-purpose (gas, liquid, solid)