Geeking out at Crescent Hill

Louisville Water Company team members posing for photo during Rabbit Hole Distillery visit.“It’s always neat when customers stop by to geek out with us about the science of drinking water,” said Chris Bobay, Manager of Water Quality and Compliance.

He was referring to the staff of Rabbit Hole Distillery visiting Louisville Water’s Crescent Hill Water Treatment Plant.

“As producers of liquid assets, we actually have a lot in common,” Bobay added. “We’re both really passionate about things like quality assurance and process control. I always enjoy learning from our customers about how they use our finished product to craft their own products.”


Bobay led eight Rabbit Hole employees on a tour of the Crescent Hill facility, which included a look at the labs and a visit to the filter

gallery as well as a water tasting.

Cameron Talley, head of operations at Rabbit Hole, said his group was interested in taking the tour because they wanted to learn “the history behind Louisville Water Company and their influence on water filtration standards.” They also wanted to understand “what makes Louisville’s water unique” so they could tell Rabbit Hole’s patrons and visitors “why we have the best water quality for making bourbon.”

“Like all our customers, our local distillers rely on our quality and consistency,” Bobay said. “Great bourbon starts with great water.”