Happy Birthday, Tapper!

This Drinking Water Week, we are celebrating Louisville’s favorite cup of water – Tapper!  As Louisville Water Company’s mascot, Tapper has been making a splash for many years. In fact, today is Tapper’s birthday, and though he prefers not to broadcast his age, he loves to celebrate!  His favorite way to have a good time is to promote our high-quality drinking water, Louisville Pure Tap™, by showing up at events across the city and always bringing a smile to everyone he meets. Even though he can’t technically talk, Tapper has played an integral role in helping to tell the story of our water.

Like most of us, Tapper has changed a bit over the years. In his younger days, Tapper rocked a ’90s chic look, complete with bright patterns and a funky blue hair-do!  At that time, single-use water bottles were all the rage, and Louisville Water began bottling our drinking water to distribute to organizations and community groups. These bottles were so popular that Tapper wanted to look like one!

As we began to learn more about the environmental impact of single-use plastic bottles, Louisville Water discontinued bottling Pure Tap. The superior quality of the water never changed, but the vessel it came in did.  In an effort to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly, Louisville Water began serving Pure Tap in compostable paper cups and supplying reusable bottles for our customers to #FillDrinkRepeat. With this update came a new logo, and Tapper got a fresh new makeover. Though he may have lost his hair and gotten a bit wider, Tapper shines in his current cup design!

With this week’s announcement of the new Louisville Pure Tap™ logo, Tapper is excited to continue evolving his style. Look for him to hit the runway with a refreshed design later this year. No matter his look, one thing’s for sure – Tapper’s antics are timeless, and he loves being out in the community, meeting his fans, and reminding folks to stay hydrated.

Tapper looks forward to connecting with his fans online this year and hopes to see them again in person soon.