JCPS students learn to reduce, reuse and recycle

First graders at Farmer Elementary are learning how to live a healthy lifestyle while writing their ABCs.

Jefferson County Public Schools teacher Amy Kopp said she encourages her students to bring a reusable bottle to class with them every day.

“As a healthy choice school, we encourage drinking water as a part of a healthy lifestyle,” Kopp said. “When students do not have reusable water bottles, I give them a single-use bottle or a plastic cup.”

Using the bottles is part of JCPS’s Reduce, Reuse and Recycling program.

“We talk about reducing the amount of plastic by reusing the bottle or cup and refiling with Louisville Pure Tap™ as needed,” Kopp said. “We want to be good stewards of the JCPS recycling program.”

The lesson on protecting the environment sometimes goes beyond the classroom.

“Students take their single-use cup home to plant some seeds,” she said. “Those that choose not to take their bottle or cup home practice recycling using our classroom recycling bin.”

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