A ‘refreshed’ look for Louisville Pure Tap™

There’s a story in every glass of water: the science, engineering, quality, and the people who produce the product. In Louisville, the water that’s delivered by Louisville Water Company even has a name, Louisville Pure Tap™. In 1997, Louisville Water became the first (and to date, the only) drinking water utility to trademark tap water. We gave our water a name to reinforce the quality and value of the drinking water and to highlight something most people take for granted. Water doesn’t “magically” appear from the faucet, right?

Beginning this week, you’ll see an updated look for the Louisville Pure Tap™ logo, and it’s the result of what we heard from customers and our employees. Over the past six months, Louisville Water polled hundreds of local residents and here’s what we learned:

  • Customers love the quality of our drinking water, giving it an 8.8 ranking out of 10.
  • 73 percent of customers consider the water a good value.
  • Awareness of the name, Louisville Pure Tap™, is growing: 74 percent recognize the name, compared to 55 percent in 2011.
  • 62 percent of customers say pure tap means “quality water.”

Within Louisville Water, the name Pure Tap is a source of pride with nearly every employee recommending Pure Tap to family and friends.

Those are good results for any brand. But our research highlighted an opportunity to improve. Despite the favorability, 43 percent of customers purchase bottled water monthly and for those moving here from another city, seeing the Pure Tap logo made them think it’s another bottled water and not the product from Louisville Water. That’s not the impression we want! Using the research as a guide, we’ve given Louisville Pure Tap™ a “refreshed” look, adding the company logo. Now, two great brands come together! The updated logo reinforces the quality that matters for us, and it makes it clear that Louisville Pure Tap™ is the drinking water that comes straight from your faucet, brought to you by Louisville Water.

Over the next few months, you’ll see this updated mark on the reusable bottle, cups, t-shirts, and bottle-refill stations. Why talk about tap water? Quality water equals quality of life, and it’s important for customers and stakeholders to know our story to appreciate the value we provide. Nearly one million people depend on Louisville Water to do their daily activities, open a business, manage public health and safety, and create a little fun. Our customers’ trust is key in gaining support for what it takes to produce and deliver Pure Tap.