Kentucky Division of Water tours Crescent Hill Filter Plant

The Kentucky Division of Water recently toured Louisville Water’s Crescent Hill Filter Plant.

The tour included a visit to the Crescent Hill Reservoir and Gatehouse and a discussion on water quality given by Louisville Water Director of Operations Larry Bryant.

gatehouse with visitors

After a tour of the water quality lab, Manager Chris Bobay and Compliance Supervisor Autumn Gibson explained compliance testing procedures, followed by a discussion of the types of analytical instruments used in the lab.

Louisville Water’s treatment plant is the largest in the state, something Salt River Basin Coordinator Amber Hawkins had to see to believe.

“Mesmerizing! I have toured other water plants, but I was just in awe at the sheer size of everything,” Hawkins said.

Adrienne Beggs, a new employee to the Kentucky Division of Water’s compliance program said it was valuable to learn how Louisville Water manages its water quality.

“As someone who works in the office and will be handling much of the data that water systems send to the Division of Water, it was extremely helpful to get early exposure to how water systems function,” Beggs said. “It was beneficial to hear about different treatment techniques and the ways that Louisville deals with any issues in water quality.”

Green River Basin Coordinator Colin Duncan agreed.

“The experience was very enlightening and really emphasized just how critical maintaining high standards of water quality is,” Duncan said.