Louisville Pure Tap® and West Sixth Brewing Create a Partnership you can Drink to!

Good water makes good beer

It takes great local water to make great local beer. So it only makes sense for Louisville Pure Tap® to be a part of our city’s growing beer scene. We are proud to be part of recipes from more than 20 breweries!

A partnership between Louisville Water and West Sixth Brewing has been on tap for a few years. West Sixth originated in Lexington, Kentucky, but expanded its reach in 2020 when it signed on as one of the first tenants in the thriving NuLu Marketplace.

Long before West Sixth opened its doors in Louisville, there were talks to work with Louisville Water. COVID created some delays, but we’re thrilled to finally announce our partnership.

“Louisville Water is a key ingredient in so many things that give our community a vibrant local scene. That includes the brews that West Sixth produces. No water, no beer. West Sixth has embraced the value of Louisville Water’s product both in its production and by serving Louisville Pure Tap in its taproom,” said Kelley Dearing Smith, Louisville Water Vice President of Marketing & Communications.

It’s important to note water is also key to drinking safely. West Sixth installed a chilled, bottle-filling station in its brewery. Guests can bring their own reusable bottle or fill up a pint with the award-winning Pure Tap to pair with their brews.

You’ll find a brand new mural above the water station. The brewery takes great pride in celebrating local culture and engaging with the community. Because vivid murals color buildings across the city, what better way for West Sixth to make a splash about its brand? The brewery’s marketing team incorporated Louisville Water and unique things about Louisville in the design.

Part of Louisville Water’s Communications & Marketing team picked up paintbrushes to help finish the masterpiece. You’ll notice the Pure Tap logo and “Drink Like a Local” badge are prominently represented above the bottle-filling station.

“Working closely with Louisville Water continues to emphasize that community connection and thoughtful advocacy is where businesses can thrive in partnerships,” said Kelly Hieronymus, Marketing & Creative Director of West Sixth Brewing. “Watching our brands be creatively represented through our water station mural and Advent box project is what it’s all about!”

In the spirit of the holidays, West Sixth created and sold 162 Advent boxes. Everyone who purchased one will enjoy 24 days of beers and unique goodies. Cheers to our favorite day: December 9! Drink up with a collapsible, stainless steel straw paired with a Pure Tap sticker, a message from Louisville Water, and a holiday koozie from West Sixth.

“We certainly plan to do more events with the brewery in the future now that our partnership is officially flowing!” said Pure Tap Public Relations Specialist, Kayla Hanak.