Louisville’s rapper knows good water

Jack Harlow grew up hanging out on Bardstown Road and carving a dream to be a recording hip hop artist. Now, at 21, Harlow has a recording contract, his own independent record label and couldn’t be more proud of his hometown – and that includes the water.

Harlow performs in Louisville over the Thanksgiving holiday as part of his national “The Mission” tour. During a recent interview on the No Jumper podcast, Harlow didn’t hold back on bragging about Louisville’s drinking water. “Louisville tap’s as good as it gets,” proclaims Harlow. “We’ve got the number one water in the U.S.” Harlow’s endorsement was picked up by a Louisville twitter fan who posted the clip and then watched it go viral.

We love seeing people talk about the taste and quality of Louisville pure tap®. It confirms our commitment to delivering the highest-quality water to our customers. Drinking water is linked to public health and the quality of life in a city.

We frequently hear comments from moms, college kids, bourbon distillers, tourists and now, one of the most talked about hip hop artists. Harlow’s genuine personality resonates with his hometown and his fans. Here’s a Louisville pure tap® toast to Jack Harlow! (Now, we need to get some pure tap swag to the No Jumper podcast and remove that bottled water.)