New automated kiosk offers faster payment option

For customers who prefer paying their Louisville Water bill in the customer service area of our lobby, there’s a new, faster option.

The Automated Payment Center is located to the left of the cashier windows and features a touch-screen portal that accepts cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover. The machine accepts payments up to $500 per transaction, and three transactions per day per account. (A $2.50 processing fee is applied to credit card payments).

While the payment kiosk does not give change, it will place a credit onto your account in any amount paid over the amount due.

The best thing about the payment kiosk is the convenience. Simply look up your account by one of three ways: scanning the barcode on your bill, entering your account number, or entering the service address.

The screen will then ask you to confirm your account and the total amount due. The next prompt is for payment via cash, check or credit card.

Payments post to your account immediately. If service has been turned off due to non-payment, a turn-on order will automatically be created.  Your receipt can be printed right from the kiosk or emailed.

Next time you visit Louisville Water to pay your bill, avoid the line at the cashier window and use the payment kiosk.