New Drinking Water Rates will Support Continued Investments in Infrastructure

Louisville Water committed to delivering high-quality drinking water

Louisville Water storage tanksLouisville Water customers will see a slight increase in water rates in 2024, as the company continues to provide high-quality drinking water to nearly one million people in the Louisville region.

The Board of Water Works, the governing body for Louisville Water approved the 2024 operating and capital budgets in late November. Louisville Water expects to deliver 33.8 billion gallons of water this year. Beginning January 1, Louisville Water customers will see a monthly increase of $1.29 for drinking water. What does that mean? The average customer who uses 4,000 gallons of water a month will now pay $28.17.

The increase is largely due to the cost of operating the drinking water system: power and chemicals, transportation, labor, and materials and supplies. Additionally, Louisville Water will invest millions into replacing and repairing water mains and installing new pipes to support economic development.

“Louisville Water is an anchor in this region for public health, economic development and quality of life,” said Spencer Bruce, President and CEO of Louisville Water. “One in five Kentuckians depend on Louisville Water and we strive to deliver the best-tasting tap water at a reasonable price. We’ll continue that commitment in 2024.”

Filling cup at faucetFor perspective on Louisville’s drinking water rates: you can fill up one gallon of Louisville Pure Tap® at the faucet for less than a penny.

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