Next Round Brewing Challenge pours into Water for Life Festival

Four local breweries are on tap to use recycled water to create a special beer.

The Next Round Brewing Challenge features Louisville’s own Askasha Brewing Company, Apocalypse Brew Works, Gordon Biersch and Holsopple.

The brewers will craft their unique recipes using recycled water from Louisville MSD’s Next Round Brewing System.

“The process used for filtering this water exceeded all expectations,” said Sam Gambrill of Holsopple Brewing. “It’s safe to drink.”

Although Louisville residents are fortunate to have the abundance of the Ohio River as a source for drinking water, event organizers hope to spark the notion of sustainability for communities that depend on recycled water.

You can sample the Next Round brews during the Water for Life Festival Sunday, Aug. 18 between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. at the Big Four Bridge Lawn.