Noticing our W

Airport LW water stationLouisville Water has branded water stations throughout the city, including at the Muhammad Ali International Airport and the Kentucky International Convention Center, two places that get a lot of visitors from other cities. Many of these visitors notice our brand as well as the taste of our water. 

For example, Mitch Mosier, a California-based Amazon Business account representative for Louisville Water, noticed the branding when he attended the recent National Institute for Government Procurement Forum at the convention center. 

LW water station at the convention center“The Louisville Water Company’s branding and advertisements at the airport and convention center were simple and tasteful — like the city’s water!” Mosier said. “The ads made me smile and say, ‘Hey I work with them!’ and had a positive impact on my overall trip. I mentioned the water fountain ads at the convention center to multiple customers during the conference.” 

Carol Lyons, Louisville Water Procurement Manager, said she talked with Mosier at the forum and “it was really a good feeling, having that attention to our company. I think sometimes many of us don’t realize how our water fountain promotions draw national attention.”