Building a Path for Construction Careers

hydrant truckPlumbers, electricians, construction workers, and mechanics are not typically viewed as glamorous jobs. But they’re valuable and desperately needed in today’s workforce.

The Kentucky Construction Career Choice Council (K4C) is committed to fueling more interest in trade job opportunities. The council works to educate high school students about the various career paths available once they graduate.

K4C hosted its annual Career Days expo at the Shelby County Fairgrounds last month. More than 3,000 students from across Kentucky travelled to the event where they met dozens of potential employers.

Louisville Water Plumber Leader Chris Meeks shared some of the important work he does maintaining thousands of fire hydrants in Jefferson, Oldham, and Bullitt counties.

“We answered questions about what our position and duties are at Louisville Water, general information about fire hydrants and how they operate, and the process of getting a job and apprenticeship at Louisville Water,” Meeks said.

Hydrant truck with crane
Image Courtesy: Louisville MSD

Meeks and Plumber Leader’s Assistant Scott Corbin brought a cutaway hydrant to give students a look inside a hydrant along with some of the parts they’re tasked with repairing. Kids also got to see the hydrant truck’s crane up close.

Meeks said the career program is a great way for kids to explore different trades outside the classroom.

“The best part of the event was talking to the vocational kids who were genuinely interested in the hydrants and gaining employment,” he said. “These kids already have a basic knowledge of this type of work and what their trade interests are.”

Career Days is hands-on, allowing students to either learn new skills or build on existing ones. Students had a chance to weld, stop water leaks, cut pipes, operate heavy equipment, and help build a brick wall.

K4C hopes the event is a building block to success and a career in the construction field. We’re hoping we might’ve met some future Louisville Water Company employees too!