Our water helped land a new Louisville business

There are two key ingredients in tofu: soybeans and water. Now, Louisville Water’s product will be part of House Foods America’s line of tofu that’s sold nationwide. Last Thursday, the company announced it would build its first Midwest facility in Louisville at the Riverport Authority. (House Foods America already has operations on the east and west coasts.) Work on the project will begin in 2022, and the plant will be operational in 2025.

For more than six months, a team of Louisville Water employees worked with the city and state to highlight our advantages to House Foods America, hosting company representatives at our offices and meeting with their team to explain our water quality and reliable infrastructure. Economic development is part of our Strategic Business Plan, and we’ve branded our efforts as Louisville’s “liquid assets.” With an excess capacity at our treatment plants and some of the highest quality water in North America, Louisville Water is an important asset in growing the economy. Working to bring House Foods America to Louisville is our biggest win to date.

Hiromasa (Hunt) Takahaski, Assistant Manager of Business Strategy Planning with House Foods, said, “It is an honor to join the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and we are glad to contribute to the community by making great, healthy products for customers nationwide.”

The Louisville facility includes a $146.3 million investment and 109 full-time jobs.