Photos: The Backside of Crescent Hill Reservoir & Gatehouse

During Derby week, the backside of Churchill Downs is bustling with activity and excitement in preparation of race day.

While not as crowded as Churchill Downs, Louisville Water’s Crescent Hill Reservoir & Gatehouse is another popular tourist attraction with a rich history and its own unique backside.

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When it opened in 1879, the Reservoir held 110 million gallons on both sides — at least a two-week supply of water for Louisville’s population at the time. Back then, the Gatehouse contained valves that controlled the rush of water in and out of the Reservoir. Now, the valves are controlled by employees at the Crescent Hill Water Treatment Plant.

Today, the Reservoir attracts runners, walkers, and joggers as well as many photographers and history buffs.

Enjoy these photos of the rarely seen backside and interior of the Gatehouse: