Infuse your water for a delicious Derby

Celebrating Derby from home this year?  As you cheer on the horses and perhaps enjoy a Julep or Lily, don’t forget to include a glass of Louisville pure tap® in your festivities!

For special events like the Run for the Roses, try elevating your water by making a luxury water experience at home. All you need is a pitcher or carafe, award-winning pure tap, and the fruits and herbs of your choice to really turn your water into a showstopper!

Pure tap infused with cucumber and lemon, watermelon and mint, or raspberry and basil are some popular combinations.

And did you know that roses can be more than just decorative? Their petals are actually safe for human consumption. For a floral and festive twist, try adding a few to your Derby water concoction with sliced strawberries and lemon. You can also freeze petals (or any fruit/herb of your choice) into ice cubes for an extra special touch.

There may be 554 roses in the blanket draped over a Derby champion, but it just takes a few to create an opulent water experience at home. Even if your horse doesn’t win, you’ll still come out a champion!