Providing worldwide water assistance: Louisville Water Foundation releases annual report

Cover of the 2022 Louisville Foundation reportFrom homes in Jefferson County to a spring in the Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest to schools in Uganda, the Louisville Water Foundation’s work last year exemplified the organization’s mission: “To improve the health and well-being of the communities we serve and around the world by providing water assistance and water education.”

In the Foundation’s 2022 annual report, Chair Jennifer Fust-Rutherford and President Spencer Bruce point out that “the Foundation provided much-needed help to customers who struggled to pay their water bills. Families in developing countries also received help as did residents in eastern Kentucky whose homes were devastated by historic flooding.”

Because the Foundation is also committed to promoting education and protecting water resources, the organization’s 2022 grants supported a range of projects, including …

  • Restoring the Bernheim spring and creating a new wetlands study area
  • Helping Jefferson County middle school students understand the critical role water plays in our lives as they develop writing skills
  • Expanding an art, engineering, and history program that lets elementary students build their own 3D water tower models
  • Installing an educational water feature in a nature discovery area in Louisville that serves both children and adults
  • Providing rainwater collection systems, water filters, and handwashing stations at the Ugandan schools

See the 2022 Report to the Community for details on these projects, the Foundation’s financial highlights, and more information on the organization’s commitment to improving quality of life worldwide by supporting water safety, education, and protection programs.