Setting up Students for Success!

The alarm will go off bright and early on Wednesday morning for JCPS students, signaling the start of a new school year. Thanks to your generous hearts, hundreds of students will head out the door with brand new backpacks, notebooks, folders, pencils, and glue sticks!

Service board team membersIn mid-July, the newly launched Louisville Water Service Board announced its first fundraiser: collecting school supplies for local students. In just two and a half weeks, we filled a truck bed with boxes of goodies.

On Saturday, July 30, Service Board members and VP of Human Resources & Labor Relations, Terrence Spence, joined volunteers at Thomas Jefferson Middle School to stuff more than 1,300 backpacks in a matter of hours.

“If Louisville Water wasn’t here, there’s no way we would’ve gotten it done so quickly,” said JCPS Family Resource Center Coordinator, Krista Campisano.

One week later on August 6, eager kids and parents showed up at TJ Middle for a back-to-school festival. The line of families wrapped around the building, waiting to get inside and pick up their backpacks.

Many enjoyed cup after cup of ice cold Pure Tap® while several kids chose to get a free face painting. Community organizations were also on hand to provide a variety of resources and goodies.