Small businesses love Louisville Pure Tap

Small Business employeeMay is National Small Business Month and Louisville Water has a history of working with local companies in its service area.

From your favorite neighborhood boutique to great-tasting Louisville Pure Tap®, Louisville Water has been an important part of the business community for more than 160 years. By providing the highest quality water for drinking, cooking, growing, processing, and cleaning, we’ve helped companies like Royal Crown Bottling Company, Bakery Chef, and Paradise Tomato Kitchen become a strong part of the city’s economic landscape.

“Louisville Pure Tap is directly linked to more than 24,000 businesses in the region,” said Kelley Dearing Smith, Louisville Water’s Vice President of Communications & Marketing and the company’s team lead in working on economic development.

Louisville Water’s Small Business Equity program has found success in hiring diverse suppliers while providing more opportunities for local, small businesses. The program has grown to more than 75 small businesses as of May 2023.

For more information about the SBE program or to apply, tap here.