UofL Students Making Health a Priority

Living on a college campus and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge. It was refreshing to see hundreds of students pass through the University of Louisville’s Red Barn last week for a health fair. The event highlighted all of the physical and mental health services UofL offers.

Community Relations Specialist Barbara Crow increased Louisville Water’s presence at this year’s fair.

“We did this last year and bottled water was served. We told the organizers that we’d love to participate again, but we would provide Louisville Pure Tap®!”

UofL student fairCrow’s table was eye-opening for both students and adults. It showed a variety of juices, sodas, and energy drinks alongside a bottle of the sugar amount in each specific beverage. Of course, Pure Tap doesn’t contain sugar and provides numerous health benefits. It was an easy choice to fill up their cups with ice cold Pure Tap.

“We had compostable cups, but many students brought their own reusable bottles.” Crow added, “Lots of students, especially out-of-town students stopped to let me know how much they miss Louisville’s drinking water when they go home.”

UofL student fairUofL students are fortunate to have easy access to Pure Tap all over campus with several bottle-fill stations. Louisville Water also participates in the university’s “welcome back weekend” every August to let new students know about the high-quality water so they too can Drink Like a Local!