We help make Louisville a top travel destination

Concert Hydration StationA recent article in The Courier-Journal noted that Louisville was included in dozens of “best of” travel lists last year.

“Thanks to events such as major music festivals like Bourbon & Beyond and Louder Than Life, which drew a record-setting attendance of over 100,000 attendees each in 2022, and seasonal events like the Kentucky Derby, Jack O’Lantern Spectacular, and weekend bourbon distillery tours, Louisville has been ranked as a top U.S. travel destination for 2022,” the article said.

Louisville Water employees can be proud that we play a role in many of these events – a role that goes far beyond simply providing basic water service. For instance, Louisville Water provides hydration stations for area events that draw visitors from all over the country, including concerts, beer festivals, and art shows. It takes many Louisville Water employees from at least 14 departments to help our city prepare for its biggest annual event, the Kentucky Derby.  We also have partnerships with several notable area attractions that are popular with tourists and locals alike, from museums to sports arenas to distilleries.

“We want folks to enjoy Louisville Pure Tap® when they’re here,” said Public Relations Specialist Kayla Hanak. “Maybe it’s filling up a bottle at the airport or grabbing a cup of water at a hot outdoor concert – it’s all about the little moments that make people pause and think about something they may usually take for granted: clean, tasty drinking water. Visitors probably don’t come just for the water, but with Louisville Water’s robust presence in this community, they’d be hard pressed not to notice it while they’re here.”