Private Side Lead and Galvanized Service Lines

Lead can become a potential risk for drinking water in those homes that have a private lead or galvanized service line or pipes that contain lead. Older homes (those typically built before 1950) may still have a lead or galvanized service line on the customer’s property that connect to Louisville Water’s lines. Those water lines are the homeowner’s responsibility.

Louisville Water wants to help you determine if there’s a lead or galvanized line on your property. If there is, we can help. Use the Private Service Line Lookup tool to see if we have information for your property:


Private Service Line Lookup


If you have any concerns regarding lead in your drinking water, we’ll test your water for free. Ask us today to send you a water quality test kit or call (502) 569-0898.

Private Outdoor Lead/Galvanized Service Line Replacement Program

If you have a private outdoor lead or galvanized service line, we want to help! Customers who have lead or galvanized service lines will receive a full replacement on the outdoor lines.

If you’d like to take advantage of the replacement program, please fill out this form. You may also send an email to or call (502) 569-0898. Once your form has been submitted, you will be entered into our system. It may take several months before someone contacts you to schedule the replacement.

Lead plumbing and lead soldered joints

Prior to 1986, it was common for contractors to use lead solder and fixtures containing lead. Until 2014, brass faucets and fixtures labeled as “lead-free” plumbing could contain up to 8 percent lead. If you feel this applies to your home, please watch our customer tips for flushing your pipes.

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