Did you know we’re part of the Alley Gallery?

Sacred Waters door artAfter a three-year hiatus, the Louisville Downtown Partnership relaunched its Alley Gallery late last year — so it’s a good time to remind customers that Louisville Water is part of the program. In fact, we joined the Alley Gallery over five years ago.

The program lets downtown companies and other organizations post images created by Louisville artists on alley doors and other public spaces. If you’ve never been on the Chestnut Street side of Louisville Water’s Third Street headquarters, you may have never seen the image that was posted on our door in 2017.

It’s a vinyl reproduction of Sacred Waters, a watercolor and colored pencil artwork by Louisville artist Victor Sweatt, who said the work is “about the importance of water. It’s about cleansing — being revitalized inside and out — and it’s a perfect match for the water company.”

Louisville MSD also participates in the program. Artworks featuring Abraham Lincoln and Churchill Downs are featured on MSD’s Bingham Way Pump Station.