Employee Profile: Jesse Jewell, Heavy Equipment Operator

Employee Profile JesseWorked at Louisville Water since 2017

“I enjoy, wholeheartedly enjoy working.”

Jesse Jewell has worn many hats at Louisville Water since she started in 2017. Over the last year, she’s changed positions a few times.

“I went from a second shift heavy equipment operator (HEO) to an emergency turner and now I’m back to an operator. It’s a change, but I enjoy it because I get to meet and hang out with all the guys again whereas a (emergency) turner, you’re kind of by yourself.”

Jesse Jewell standing with other field crew workers

One thing that hasn’t changed is Jewell’s positive attitude and hard work ethic. You might assume that being the only current female HEO at Louisville Water would be challenging, but not so much for Jewell.

“If I have any questions, I can ask any of these guys and they would teach me. If you do your job and try to help others, it gets you a long way,” she said.

It doesn’t take long after meeting Jewell to see that she genuinely likes what she does. In her own words: digging huge holes.

“My favorite part is making it easier for the guys to get in the hole and do the hard part. Being able to help them, helping others,” Jewell said.

It’s that drive that has carried her through various shifts and crews.

Jesse Jewell in excavator

“It’s not the hours you work. It’s the people you work with that make it good.”

One example of Jewell’s dedication happened on May 11. She was one of the first on the scene of a water main break, literally hours before she said “I do.”

“I think it actually chilled my nerves out some, honestly. My wife knows that the only thing that’s close to her in the (level of) importance category, is work.”

Jewell’s coworkers and friends didn’t let her down either.

“It’s a team effort. That’s what happened on my wedding day. Everybody worked together. It worked out perfectly.”

Jewell is thankful to be surrounded by people who support and embrace her fully.

“Times have changed. Dealing with the whole going to the courthouse thing, telling people at work that I got married, it did not make me uncomfortable. It didn’t make me feel out of place. It was just a great experience.”

Jewell and her wife serve as volunteer firefighters in their spare time. When they aren’t working, they enjoy the outdoors whether it’s fishing and hunting, or signing up for another obstacle course race.