Handwashing Activity: Glitter and germs

Germs are everywhere!

They are in us, on us and around us. Hands are the most common way to spread germs and provide a “warm” environment for germs to grow. Since your hands touch everything from crayons to the toilet, it’s easy to pass germs from one thing to another.

But proper handwashing with soap and water removes the germs and helps to keep you safe.

Want to see how germs can spread from one person to another? Do this activity to find out!


How germs spread


  • “Germ” material: Glitter, flour or cornstarch
  • three or four commonly used items: pencil, water bottle and TV remote, for example.


  1. Wash your hands for 20 seconds and dry them thoroughly.
  2. Place a small quantity of “germ” material (glitter, flour, cornstarch) in your hand
  3. Pick up or touch your various household items
  4. Touch someone you live with on the shoulder
  5. Take notice of all the places the “germs” end up after you touch them. What would happen if someone picked up an item after you touched it?
  6. Wash your hands again and disinfect all your household items that you used for the challenge.