Keep Santa hydrated!

“This year for Christmas, we encourage you to help keep Santa hydrated! Of course, he loves milk with his cookies… but when he is in Louisville, Santa prefers a nice big glass of that good ol’ Pure Tap™.

He has quite the journey ahead of him and a refreshing glass of water will keep him fueled through the night. And while you’re at it, you should stay hydrated too! Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Some people are less thirsty in cold weather, so they drink less water. But just because you aren’t thirsty, doesn’t mean that you’re hydrated.
  • Layer your clothing. Wear layers of breathable fabrics instead of heavy-duty woolens to minimize water loss caused by perspiration.
  • Don’t use sweat as an indicator of dehydration because people sweat less in cold weather.
  • Drink water and replenish fluids, especially after or during physical activity.
  • Consider setting a timer that reminds you to drink Pure Tap™ throughout the day or set a schedule for when you grab a glass, like with meals or on the hour.

P.S. Rudolph might like a bowl of water too! We’re just saying.